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New concept of rice

The catering industry's use of rice is usually passive. It is a cost to cook too much rice in one pot. The long-term heat preservation unstable quality is also a cost. When the demand is good, there's not enough timeto cook. That is also the cost.Although the price of rice is not high, the accumulated cost will be considerable.

The stereotype of the rice is white, so the logic thinking is based on rice, and the product is based on this basis. Let's look at it from another angle,if the colorful rice is introduced to the market?

In the 30 years of research on rice, finally found a key breakthrough in 2008to develop complete control of rice maturity, the current professional has been able to control the maturity of rice from 8-9 10, 12-14 (the maturity of raw rice is 0, the cooked rice is 10), so the rice can be used simply by heating and made into various products.

Frozen cooked rice series

  • Maturity8-8.5 Frozen Rice
  • Maturity9-9.5Frozen Rice
  • Maturity9.7 Microwave Rice、Frozen Rice
  • Maturity10 General Rice
  • Maturity11-14 Frozen Rice Gruel

Various types of rice production: the value of "frozen cooked rice"

  • Maturity8-8.5 rice, heated for about 5-10 minutes after thawing, you can make rice balls, rice cakes, rice, and so on
  • Maturity9 rice, after thawing, heat for about 10 minutes to make a zongzi.
  • Maturity9.5 rice, after thawing, it can be used in fried rice and soup rice.
  • Maturity9.6 rice,after thawing, heat for about 5-7 minutes, which can be used in grilled rice, sushi, and donburi.
  • Maturity9.6 rice,after thawing, it can be used in microwave and heated for about 2 minutes.
  • Maturity11-12 rice,after thawing, it can be used in frozen cooked porridge.

Commercial use of rice

Rice series Be applicable
Long glutinous rice series Rice balls, hazelnuts, rice, rice cake, glutinous rice porridge, glutinous rice, rice pudding, pearl meatballs, glutinous rice sausage, rice pancakes
Round glutinous rice series Rice balls, hazelnuts, rice, rice cake, glutinous rice porridge, glutinous rice, rice pudding, pearl meatballs, glutinous rice sausage, rice pancakes
Japonica Collection Fried rice, soup rice, porridge, claypot rice, egg omelet
Long rice fried rice series Fried rice, soup rice, porridge, claypot rice, egg omelet
Sushi rice series Sushi, triangle rice balls, hand rolls, Korean seaweed rolls, soup rice, porridge, risotto, bibimbap, rice bowl, rice burger
Long grain rice series General rice, porridge, bento, risotto, Nasi Lemak
Japonica Collection General rice, porridge, bento, risotto, Korean bibimbap
Pure brown rice pure grain series Grain rice, porridge, salad, rice pudding

Basically, it is not a single rice species. It is composed of two to three kinds of rice. The most difficult part is that it must be controlled to mature at the same time. At present, the production of special rice, except for Penglai rice, is not produced in large quantities.

Features and values

  1. Rice can be preserved for a long time.
  2. Simply heated to use (Small or large amount of use)
  3. No need to cook more pots at the same time.
  4. Can use a variety of meals at the same time
  5. Minimize rice loss

The introduction of healthy elements will change the amount of rice and the design of the meal will be more abundant.In our opinion, rice must be managed by the concept of commodification.Combining domestic rice and foreign rice, technology elements must be continuously introduced,and technological upgrading of development products must be continuously improved.So we predict that the future development of rice will have

  • Scented rice
  • Various colors of rice
  • Germinated rice series rice
  • High nutritional value rice
  • International certified organic rice
  • Medical effect rice

Research and value of frozen cooked rice

Why develop frozen cooked rice?

In terms of product benefits, the effect of long-term preservation after the rice is frozen, so that the service life of the rice can be extendedwhenit is necessary to eat immediately after cooking. We take the necessary amount to eat, no more waste.Economic benefits can be improved.For theuse of frozen rice industry, its cooking technology can guarantee a certain level. Catering industry, the daily use of rice, the hardness error value is relatively small. The operator can heat up for a short time and save a lot of time. And ensure the standardization of quality consistencyis assured.The franchisee's business willingness is enhanced and motivated,as convenient as headquarters management.

According to the Department of Health, the percentage of each type of nutrient required per person per day is allocated, and one-third or half of the daily nutrients can be obtained by eating the company's products.

Cooked Rice Overview

10 Grains wish glutinous rice

Glutinous -10 Grains wish glutinous rice

5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous -5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous rice

Glutinous -Glutinous rice

Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Germ rice glutinous rice

Glutinous -Germ rice glutinous rice

Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

10 Grains wish japonica rice

Japonica-10 Grains wish japonica rice

Millet japonica rice

Japonica-Millet japonica rice

5 Wheat with japonica rice

Japonica-5 Wheat with japonica rice

Red bean japonica rice

Japonica-Red bean japonica rice

Red Wheat japonica rice

Japonica-Red Wheat japonica rice

Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Japonica-Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Germ rice japonica rice

Japonica-Germ rice japonica rice

Black Bean japonica rice

Japonica-Black Bean japonica rice

Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Japonica-Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Oats japonica rice

Japonica-Oats japonica rice

Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Japonica-Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Brown rice

Brown-Brown rice

Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown-Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown Red sticky rice

Brown-Brown Red sticky rice

Germ rice

Brown-Germ rice

Germinated rice

Brown-Germinated rice

Brown Black sticky rice

Brown-Brown Black sticky rice

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