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Inspiring the world with rice.(rice food technology - re-creating rice food new territory)

The Rice Food Development in the Future

In the ancient China, agriculture was the power of the nation, and rice has been our main food. However, we were familiar with it, but sometimes it was strange to us.

In the civilization developed for thousands of years, rice is still rice, and hasn't changed much. Nowadays, the people having rice as the main food occupy over fifty-five percent in the world.

In terms of the market economy, the rice market is considerably huge. And since the WTO opened this market over the rice member countries, this started to impact each other. During the impact, the market feedback revealed that a rice food culture was being aroused.

But in the development of the international chain stores, we didn't see any stores engaging in rice business. On the contrary, when the food market in Taiwan was full of western styles like Mcdonald's, and KFC, we did nothing. We don't know why, but leave the questions, "What could we do with rice food, and what was the new value of rice food?" We were embarrassed by the questions when comparing with the truth that our rice food culture has existed for thousand years, and most of the Chinese people assumed.

Product R&D (Specialty + Creativity + Trend = Product Design)

With chain stores' sights, the consideration of the product R&D should be guided with the principle of how to produce via SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), simplifying the operation, and delivering goods to customers easily. That means it's valuable to have products commercialized.

In detail, cooking rice is easy, but it's difficult to keep the cooked rice fresh during delivery. For now Chuan-Xiang has already turned diversified rice into the frozen rice package, adjusted distribution with different products, and refined the rest of rice into beverage or ingredients which can be used with other products for new items.

At sales ends, it's effective to heat the finished products directly, and sell customized sets only. The production procedures on 95 percent products can be standardized.

QQRice's Business Reformed in 2015

To create a new chain store business in selling rice food, QQRice left the following tips.
1. Lead various ideas into rice food, and combine the organic, nutritional, healthy concepts as the future trend for each store.
2. Raise the flexibility of sales timing by effectively using the multiple time sections, such as breakfast, lunch, dessert, and the other available time to reduce the risks from unpredictable loss in a busy season.

For years, rice has been full protected by the rice producing countries. However, due to the WTO effect, these countries were forced to open their markets and accept other rice food cultures. In the past, people just had rice cooked. Today it's not enough. People also require its taste.

But the rice-cooked skill hadn't been paid attention at that time. To improve this, QQRice has taken efforts developing the cook skill, reforming rice food, and is ready to step on the international stage with Taiwanese rice.

Overviewing the international chain store systems, there hasn't been any brands with selling rice products as the main sales, but so far QQRice has. During the years of development, QQRice had created countless and creative rice food products, such as the rice ball series which will not cause the abdominal distention, the nutritional rice soup series, the improved sushi series, the reformed rice dumplings, the rice pudding series, the rice beverage series, and the easy rice series which will be put on sales line in 2015.

For QQRice, rice is a product which can be unlimitedly extended. Thanks to the diversified media, the broadened chain store network, and the convenient logistics, the world has become a global village, and having exotic delicious food anytime is not difficult. But having the more creative product as a staple of diet is rare.

This new rice food culture being gradually formed in the fifty-five percent people who have rice every day will be a new opportunity.

The future stores in Taiwan will be located at the department stores, the rest areas of high ways, and the product streets in the MRT. The market map is being broadened.

Cooked Rice Overview

10 Grains wish glutinous rice

Glutinous -10 Grains wish glutinous rice

5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous -5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous rice

Glutinous -Glutinous rice

Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Germ rice glutinous rice

Glutinous -Germ rice glutinous rice

Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

10 Grains wish japonica rice

Japonica-10 Grains wish japonica rice

Millet japonica rice

Japonica-Millet japonica rice

5 Wheat with japonica rice

Japonica-5 Wheat with japonica rice

Red bean japonica rice

Japonica-Red bean japonica rice

Red Wheat japonica rice

Japonica-Red Wheat japonica rice

Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Japonica-Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Germ rice japonica rice

Japonica-Germ rice japonica rice

Black Bean japonica rice

Japonica-Black Bean japonica rice

Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Japonica-Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Oats japonica rice

Japonica-Oats japonica rice

Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Japonica-Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Brown rice

Brown-Brown rice

Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown-Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown Red sticky rice

Brown-Brown Red sticky rice

Germ rice

Brown-Germ rice

Germinated rice

Brown-Germinated rice

Brown Black sticky rice

Brown-Brown Black sticky rice

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