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Innovative new value.Buy rice not cook

Technology rice photo
technology rice˙new debut photo

Enzyme fiber rice cooked rice. Hyun rice baked crisp rice. Bright rice mellow rice flour. Frozen health rice milk

A variety of fine enzymes decomposed technology rice food 【Magic rice series】

Surprise your multi-color, diverse and varied rice

Research and development and application of functional rice

The main business of MORE RICE is the function of health concept, rice food series, rice product series, rice drink series, and development with high functional value rice food. We provide the highvalue-added rice products.

The initial target market is mainly based on the healthy nutritious rice series that are rarely developed in the domestic rice industry, and the domestic market share of nutritious rice 20%, and With 400 chain stores as the target, the international market is based on international chains of 20 countries in 5 years, and aims to export rice to 10 to 15 countries. In the next 5 years, it will target 3% of white rice market share.

Cooked Rice Overview

10 Grains wish glutinous rice

Glutinous -10 Grains wish glutinous rice

5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous -5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous rice

Glutinous -Glutinous rice

Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Germ rice glutinous rice

Glutinous -Germ rice glutinous rice

Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

10 Grains wish japonica rice

Japonica-10 Grains wish japonica rice

Millet japonica rice

Japonica-Millet japonica rice

5 Wheat with japonica rice

Japonica-5 Wheat with japonica rice

Red bean japonica rice

Japonica-Red bean japonica rice

Red Wheat japonica rice

Japonica-Red Wheat japonica rice

Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Japonica-Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Germ rice japonica rice

Japonica-Germ rice japonica rice

Black Bean japonica rice

Japonica-Black Bean japonica rice

Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Japonica-Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Oats japonica rice

Japonica-Oats japonica rice

Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Japonica-Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Brown rice

Brown-Brown rice

Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown-Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown Red sticky rice

Brown-Brown Red sticky rice

Germ rice

Brown-Germ rice

Germinated rice

Brown-Germinated rice

Brown Black sticky rice

Brown-Brown Black sticky rice

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