Inspiring the world with rice.
Simple, diverse, standard, professional.

More Rice Int’l Co., Ltd. invested and set up by QQrice has valued up the rice culture via productizing and diversifying the rice diet.

Personal / Family

Daily base on multi-grains,easy cook,fast process,and fair price.

Catering / Franchisee

Customized layouts, Diversified menus, Streamlined/Standardized Operation process, and Stabilized quality.

Special Meal

For the Senior, Healthcare, Recuperation concerns, and meet Mountaineering, or various sports needs.

Various types of meals

School,Factory,Institution,Army,Police, Prison, Maritime diet.

Victims of major disasters

Nutritional hygiene, Rapid supply

Export / Exportation

Chain our Taiwanese Rice Diet to the global - Branding, and internationalization,and the foreign exchange generation

rice-diet tech newly debuts
ready to serve just in a few minutes

A variety of enzyme-conversion technology on Rice 【Magic Rice Series】
will surprise you with diverse and colorful rice meals

Cooked Rice Overview

10 Grains wish glutinous rice

Glutinous -10 Grains wish glutinous rice

5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous -5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous rice

Glutinous -Glutinous rice

Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Germ rice glutinous rice

Glutinous -Germ rice glutinous rice

Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

10 Grains wish japonica rice

Japonica-10 Grains wish japonica rice

Millet japonica rice

Japonica-Millet japonica rice

5 Wheat with japonica rice

Japonica-5 Wheat with japonica rice

Red bean japonica rice

Japonica-Red bean japonica rice

Red Wheat japonica rice

Japonica-Red Wheat japonica rice

Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Japonica-Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Germ rice japonica rice

Japonica-Germ rice japonica rice

Black Bean japonica rice

Japonica-Black Bean japonica rice

Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Japonica-Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Oats japonica rice

Japonica-Oats japonica rice

Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Japonica-Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Brown rice

Brown-Brown rice

Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown-Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown Red sticky rice

Brown-Brown Red sticky rice

Germ rice

Brown-Germ rice

Germinated rice

Brown-Germinated rice

Brown Black sticky rice

Brown-Brown Black sticky rice

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