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Rice for kidney disease

Rice for kidney disease photoThe transparent rice is a meal that is specially prepared for patients with kidney disease. The protein inside has about 1% left. Although it looks like rice,it tastes softer . We are committed to developing a meal with a better taste to the consumers.

Taiwan Xiluo Rice Tea

Taiwan Xiluo Rice Tea photoRice tea is a substitude for tea in earlier time because farmers cannot afford the expensive tea. Farmers took use of excess rice to brew the rice tea, which is fried in a large iron pan to produce its aroma before it is infused with hot water. Rice tea is quite common earlier, but it gradually disappears when life gets into affluent condition.But now it is facing the impact of the WTO, farmers have to take out this product and increase their income.

Experience:Rice tea needs to be brewed with boiling water to release the taste.

Eastern TaiwanBlack glutinous rice

Eastern TaiwanBlack glutinous rice photoBlack glutinous rice is mostly cultivated in the eastern Guangfu Township and the western Zhuoshui River Basin. The black glutinous rice is indica-glutinous, milky white texture with black shell. The black glutinous rice in eastern Taiwan grows better in the second season than it does in the first season, while it happens in contrast situation in the western. In the east, the average price is slightly higher due to lower harvest. In order to make the black glutinous rice matured faster, people in the east Taiwan would mill the part of shell. In recent years, due to the successful promotion of black glutinous rice, the planting area has been enlarged, and the harvest has been doubled, and the price has dropped by half.

Experience:Black glutinous rice is a brown rice feature. It needs to be soaked for a long time when boiled, and then mixed with white rice.Because black glutinous rice will dye other rice, the more black glutinous rice you add, the darker mixed rice you get.

Taiwan Red glutinous rice

Taiwan Red glutinous rice photoThis variety of red glutinous rice isparticular inTaiwan. Its characteristics are round and short rice. The shape is larger than that of round glutinous rice. Round red rice alsocan be found abroad, but most of them are japonica rice, rice is transparent. However, the biggest particularityTaiwan red glutinous rice is sticky rice,which is milky white.

Experience:If the red glutinous rice is not shelled, it is brown rice. It can be cooked by soaking for a long time.
Experience: The unshelled red glutinous rice is brown rice kind so it can be well-cookedby soaking for a long time.

IMEI brown rice

IMEI brown rice photoGenerally speaking, the IMEI brown rice is nothing different from other brown rice, expect the processing. In IMEI production line, they remove the impurities remained on the rice, and then crack the outer shell of the brown rice so that it helps the heat quickly conducting into the center of the brown rice when the rice is cooked.

Experience: It tastes even better if IMEI brown rice gets soaked before cooked. It tastes well if not soaked.

Taiwan rebuilt gultinous rice

Taiwan rebuilt gultinous rice photoIt is researched and developed by Taiwan technology. The main function is to break up the rice and various mites into powder. For to different purposes, rice will be reshaped with different ingredients of glutinous rice, mainly built with white rice to adjust and increase high nutritional value. In general, the multiple grain is not easy to cook in the most family, however, Taiwan rebuilt glutinous rice is here to solve the problem - absorb the fairly nutrition in simple cook.

Experience:The white rice is first soaked and then cooked with glutinous rice.

Taiwan Konjac rice

Taiwan Konjac rice photoIt is actually not made of rice but konjac. Its shape is small, irregular, and of different sizes. Because it is 0 calories, it can reduce the absorption ofcalorieswhen it is mixed with rice, and achieve the purpose of health care.Nowadays, Taiwan Konjac rice has been developed into several flavors, containing lycopene, carotene, matcha and so on.

Experience: Taiwan Konjac rice does not need to be soaked in white rice. The ratio is 1:2 or half.

Thailand Millet

ThailandMillet photoIt grows in northern Thailandbut it is rarely edible to local people. Mostly used as bird treats as the same as it was in early Taiwan. The value of millet is expectable, especially to the variety of black millet and red millet.

Experience: Milletis unshelled, so it requires a long time to soak before it mixes with white rice to cook.

Thailand Jasmine Rice

ThailandJasmine Rice photoThailand isthe largest exporter of rice in the world, and its jasmine rice is very popular and well-known in the world. We do import it into Taiwan.The shape of the rice is long and thin, and it is internationally known as the long rice variety. In order to show the professional characteristics of agriculture, Thai emperor inoculates the original long rice of Thailand with the fragrance of the pandan, and then cultivates the scent of jasmine. Such being thecase, Thai jasmine rice is worldwide known, and significant to Thailand.

Experience: Thailand Jasmine rice has higher viscosity than general rice. Need soaking for a long time and add water to the amount of 1:1.4~1.5.

Thai dyed rice (green)

Thai dyed rice (green) photoBecause there are quite a lot of natural plants in Thailand, there are also various kinds of nutrition and color. Therefore, in some festivals or meals, rice will be dyed into various colors, so it will be quite visually rich. The above varieties are green long glutinous rice.

Experience: Because rice is long glutinous rice, so when cooking, you need to soak the rice for two hours, then steam for 30 minutes, but his shortcomings will fade slightly.

China Northeast millet

ChinaNortheast millet photoMost of the millet is classified asgrain, but some people are classified in the rice family. The organic rice in the northeastChinais mainly the product of the organic food promoted by the mainlandChina. The organic millet is much smaller than the average millet, but the nutritional value is much higher.However, there are not many areas planted in the mainland,and currently no international certification for this variety.

Experience: Cook with the general rice.

China Northeast black rice flake

ChinaNortheast black rice flake photoThe black rice flakes are made of the northeast black rice. Generally, the black rice isjaponica rice which is transparent in feature.Black rice flakes area sort of diversified use of rice. Like cereals, they can be eaten by brewing, and their nutritional value is higher, and popular to the public.

Experience: Black rice flakes are cooked and then pressed into rice flakes. It is better to mix hot drinks when eating.

China Fujiangerm rice

China Fujiangerm rice photoThe medium-length rice is called germ rice in Fujian. In other cities, it is called “see-mew”. The variety is medium-long indica rice, which is harvested in autumn and winter. We have been looking for the roots of Taiwaneseindica rice, and the varieties we have found in Quanzhou are almost reached what we look for. However the quality is not as good as Taiwan's, because the trait of Taiwan indica rice is constantly improved.

Experience:When the germ rice is cooked, the viscosity is low.It is suitable for cooking Hong Kong claypot rice.To cook general rice, you need to soak it and add more water. The ratio is 1:1.3.

Californiamedium-length rice

Californiamedium-length rice photoIn the world rice species,those shorter than the Thai rice are called the medium-length rice, such as Taiwanese indica rice, long glutinous rice. There are many rice varieties from the US but California medium-length rice is low in viscosity, which is mostly eaten in Asian countries or countries whose people eat with spoons. California medium-length rice is dyed in orange color with tomatoes on purpose of skipping flavor seasoning when cooking on risotto or grilled rice.

Experience: The rice itself is processed via soaking and drying in dyeing procedure, so it is able to cook directly.

Japan Shimane-ken : Hard rice

JapanShimane-ken : Hardrice photoPeople in Shimane-ken Japan cultivate the hard rice in organic procedure. Owing to the fertilizer of organic rice must be natural and 100% non-chemical, it is necessary to soil conditioner first, and cultivate the fertilizer nutrients needed for irrigation. The composting procedure works well for rice growing, and no harm to the nature. The Hard rice variety isjaponica rice, short kind.

Experience: The Hard rice is smaller than Taiwanese rice and should not besoaked too long.

Canada ice-lake wild rice

Canada ice-lake wide rice photoWild Rice is a name for people in North America. Its scientific name Aquatic Oats is a kind of wheat.
Mainly growing in Canadian ice lake (place name).The area belongs to national park with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. The lake is frozen in winter, and thawed from spring, wildrice grows out from the lake itself. It’s a non-polluted all-organic cereal. The Canadian government has commissioned the local Indians to harvestin the duration ofthe summer and autumn. Wild rice was the staple food of the Indians in the early days and is now mostly sold abroad. High-end restaurants usually serve wild rice to enhance their images. Nutritional value: zinc is the highest in the grain. Canadian doctors say that men who eat 100 grams of wild rice a day willavoid from a prostate problem. Wild rice is about 1.5 to 3 cm in length. Rice has a special grassland scent. The wild rice is quite difficult to cook, and it is full of fragrance when cooked. The chewing texture deserves its general price about NTD$900-1000 per kilogram

Experience: Wild rice, it takes more soaking time than soaking brown rice when cooking. Whole wild rice it is not that delicious, properly add in white rice would level up the taste, about 1:9/1.5:8.5/ 2:8 , add more water to 1:1.5.

France yellow germ rice

France yellow germ rice photoIn the impression of the Taiwanese, the natural rice is white or milky white in any variety of colors. In France, the natural beige is displayed in the long rice. Its shape is close to that of long glutinous rice. There is no such variety in Asia, and the color of the rice will be lighter after cooking, which is light yellow, but chewing and low in viscosity.

Experience: Soak the France yellow germ rice first, It is a good way to add white rice to increase the viscosity. The ratio is 50/50.

Cooked Rice Overview

10 Grains wish glutinous rice

Glutinous -10 Grains wish glutinous rice

5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous -5 Wheat with glutinous rice

Glutinous rice

Glutinous -Glutinous rice

Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Red sticky glutinous rice

Germ rice glutinous rice

Glutinous -Germ rice glutinous rice

Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

Glutinous -Brown Black sticky glutinous rice

10 Grains wish japonica rice

Japonica-10 Grains wish japonica rice

Millet japonica rice

Japonica-Millet japonica rice

5 Wheat with japonica rice

Japonica-5 Wheat with japonica rice

Red bean japonica rice

Japonica-Red bean japonica rice

Red Wheat japonica rice

Japonica-Red Wheat japonica rice

Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Japonica-Taiwanese Quinoa japonica rice

Germ rice japonica rice

Japonica-Germ rice japonica rice

Black Bean japonica rice

Japonica-Black Bean japonica rice

Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Japonica-Brown Red sticky japonica rice

Oats japonica rice

Japonica-Oats japonica rice

Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Japonica-Brown Black-sticky-japonica combo

Brown rice

Brown-Brown rice

Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown-Teen Brown sticky rice

Brown Red sticky rice

Brown-Brown Red sticky rice

Germ rice

Brown-Germ rice

Germinated rice

Brown-Germinated rice

Brown Black sticky rice

Brown-Brown Black sticky rice

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